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Marketing Music

I’ve been following what Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails has to say on subjects very close to my heart. He has found ways to circumvent the traditional avenues to market in the music industry. But more interestingly, this same business model can be applied to almost anything. Here’s what he has to say: “I posted a message on Twitter yesterday stating I thought The Beastie Boys and TopSpin Media “got it right” regarding how to sell music in this day and age. Here’s a link to their store: [illcommunication.beastieboys.com] Shortly thereafter, I got some responses from people stating the […]

Best way to link Twitter and Facebook

I’ve looked at plenty of small little apps that let you in some way, shape or form tie your Facebook status with your Twitter updates. Why do this? Mostly to save time and to get your message out to more people. To start with, you must have both a Facebook and a Twitter account. The best way I have found to link the two is using Twitter to update Facebooks status. The problem I was having is that I didnt necessarily want ALL of my tweets being shunted to my Facebook page. Enter Selective Twitter Status. Selective Twitter Status is […]