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Changing the domain name of your WordPress website using 301 redirects

First off, I’ve been battling with this for hours and hours and the solution in the end was so simple I was kicking myself. I suddenly thought I’m not the only one who is banging their head on the desk over this one so thought I’d explain my mistakes and hopefully save some of you a heap of time. Here’s my problem: I have a WordPress website at www.xxx.co.uk and I needed to move it to www.yyy.com.au without¬†impairing¬†my seo rankings. It’s worth pointing out that the site is the same, it’s just the domain name that is changing here. Sound […]

Internet Terms Explained

I’ve been asked a lot over the last few days what the following four things are, so I thought I’d very briefly explain. Some you know, some you may not but they all help with finding the information you need or getting your message across to others. Isn’t that what the Internet’s about? RSS It stands for Real Simple Syndication and it is just that. It lets you gather only the information you want and nothing else. You subscribe to a web site’s feed and you get notified when there is new content. You can tell a website has a […]