Welcome to The Projects

This is the first post of many on the subjects of creative tech. Creative Tech? What’s that? Just another buzz word for the kids?

Maybe, but it’s ever apparent that the lines between creativity and technology are blurring. I’ve been a tech head all my life, but I’ve also been into most things arty. Up until now it’s been hard to fuse the two into something people understand.

Example Conversation:

“Jamie, what do you do? I’m in a band. Oh really? What do you play? Ah, many things, but it’s not like that. What do you mean? Well, I use the computer to create the BRAND and to market songs. But you make music right? Yes, but music isn’t the only thing a band has to do these days. Oh….”

And on it goes….

So, I will be providing info via this site for people interested in a combination of 3 things. New Media, Technology and Marketing.


– Jamie

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