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Marketing Music

I’ve been following what Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails has to say on subjects very close to my heart. He has found ways to circumvent the traditional avenues to market in the music industry. But more interestingly, this same business model can be applied to almost anything. Here’s what he has to say: “I posted a message on Twitter yesterday stating I thought The Beastie Boys and TopSpin Media “got it right” regarding how to sell music in this day and age. Here’s a link to their store: [illcommunication.beastieboys.com] Shortly thereafter, I got some responses from people stating the […]

Sonisphere Review

Knebworth park in Hertfordshire has played host to a multitude of music events in the past but this time it comes alive again for something special. From the 30th July to 1st August the 3 day rock and metal music festival Sonisphere boasts an impressive line-up of big names…

Sonisphere – Lineup and Stages

The second UK Sonisphere held at Knebworth Park this year looks very good indeed with metal giants, Iron Maiden headlining this behemoth of festivals.

Web-based Virtual Music Studio

Hobnox – Audio Toolbox: Ok, so it’s not the newest kid on the online beat making block, but it is one of the best. This rather impressive looking web based music production studio has most of the tools you’ll need to start making tunes right from your web browser. It’s certainly no replacement for conventional studio gear, but it’s a bit of fun when you’re bored. It comes with emulators for some classic drum machines, sequencers and stomp boxes namely the TR-808, TB-303 and the BOSS guitar effects pedals. You can set the time signature and BPM of your new […]

New Deftones Album Due May 4, 2010

Moreno has said that the yet-to-be-titled new Deftones album will come out April 27th and will be more reminiscent of early discs like 1997’s ‘Around the Fur’ and 2000’s ‘White Pony.’

Make Music with your Whole Brain

Creativity and your left and right brain functions. Ever found yourself stuck in the middle of writing a track and can’t figure out how to get around that block? This might just be the answer to a more creative and fulfilling writing process. You can be more productive by not only using your right brain and left brain functions correctly, but also using them in the right sequence. You might not be aware that how you separate your functions in any creative endeavor can make all the difference in how easy and enjoyable the creative experience is. The more enjoyable […]

iTunes 9 Review

Last week, Apple released its ninth major version of iTunes — which first came out in January, 2001, before the iPod even existed — and I’ve been testing it. This release is the biggest overhaul of the familiar program in recent years, with improvements in the look and functionality of each of the software’s three main portions: the media jukebox, the built-in store and the synchronization features that move media and applications to and from iPods and iPhones. In my tests, performed on multiple Windows PCs and Macs, iTunes 9 worked as advertised, and I found it to be less […]