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NIN/JA – London, O2, July 2009

I don’t think anyone was expecting the sort of performance we were treated with last night. 20,000 + people at the London O2 came to see Jane’s Addiction and Nine Inch Nails and what we got was arguably the best performances out of both bands with a surprise appearance by Gary Numan! Amazing atmosphere in the dome and both bands picked up on the vibe. With what is said to be NIN’s last tour for a while, Trent was clearly pulling out the moves and launching gear around the stage.   Gary Numan was called up to the podium to […]

Internet Terms Explained

I’ve been asked a lot over the last few days what the following four things are, so I thought I’d very briefly explain. Some you know, some you may not but they all help with finding the information you need or getting your message across to others. Isn’t that what the Internet’s about? RSS It stands for Real Simple Syndication and it is just that. It lets you gather only the information you want and nothing else. You subscribe to a web site’s feed and you get notified when there is new content. You can tell a website has a […]

Javascript OnLoad Events

Getting javascript to play nice with other javascript can be a nightmare. When scripts have been written with a callback function using window.onload or an onload in the body tag, it can more often than not, break other scripts that are using it too. Below is the answer: function addLoadEvent(func) { var oldonload = window.onload; if (typeof window.onload != ‘function’) { window.onload = func; } else { window.onload = function() { if (oldonload) { oldonload(); } func(); } } } addLoadEvent(nameOfTheFunctionToRunOnPageLoad); addLoadEvent(function() { /* more code to run on page load */ });

Easy iPhone Jailbreaking Steps

People tend to be rather reserved and cautious about jailbreaking their shiny Apple toys.  Without knowing the risks I can’t really blame them. After reading this post you should feel confident in taking the step. The purpose of jailbreaking an iPhone is to unlock the potential that lies within. A jailbroken and unlocked iPhone will allow you to use your phone on most networks, with most sim cards in nearly any country without being tied into a certain provider’s contract. It will also allow you to use a little app called Cydia, which is a bit like Apple’s app store […]

Push Gmail for iPhone!

To set up Google Sync on your iPhone or iPod Touch device, please follow the steps below . (Provided by Google) 1. Google Sync is only supported on iPhone OS versions 3.0 and above. You can check your current version by going to Settings > General > About > Version. To upgrade, follow the instructions at Please upgrade to iPhone OS 3.0 before setting up Google Sync. 2. Perform a sync with iTunes to ensure that Contacts and Calendars from your iPhone are backed up to your computer. Getting Started 1. Open the Settings application on your device’s home […]

Sonisphere – Lineup and Stages

The second UK Sonisphere held at Knebworth Park this year looks very good indeed with metal giants, Iron Maiden headlining this behemoth of festivals.

Web-based Virtual Music Studio

Hobnox – Audio Toolbox: Ok, so it’s not the newest kid on the online beat making block, but it is one of the best. This rather impressive looking web based music production studio has most of the tools you’ll need to start making tunes right from your web browser. It’s certainly no replacement for conventional studio gear, but it’s a bit of fun when you’re bored. It comes with emulators for some classic drum machines, sequencers and stomp boxes namely the TR-808, TB-303 and the BOSS guitar effects pedals. You can set the time signature and BPM of your new […]

New Deftones Album Due May 4, 2010

Moreno has said that the yet-to-be-titled new Deftones album will come out April 27th and will be more reminiscent of early discs like 1997’s ‘Around the Fur’ and 2000’s ‘White Pony.’