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New Zealand’s North

A cinematic drone flight over New Zealand, showing some of the North island’s best kept secrets. New Zealand’s North from Jamie Dale on Vimeo. Film by Jamie Dale. Music by Beloved Elk.

Jamie Dale Drone New Zealand

Adobe Lightroom and Contour Shuttle Pro

The Contour Shuttle Pro is an ergonomic shortcut based controller for navigating common keystrokes and mouse actions into a one handed twist or button press. It’s particularly handy for fast paced editing in Adobe Lightroom. The trouble is, it’s not configured right out of the box for Lightroom. If you are currently using Lightroom and either have the Shuttle or wish to purchase one in the future, the download below will help you get yourself setup using these two together for fast paced workflow. Download Here: contour-shuttle-lightroom-5 Please note that this is my personal configuration and yours may differ. It’s easy […]

Jamie Dale Contour Shuttle Pro Lightroom Button Map Adobe

People Tweaker – Free Lightroom Preset

This Adobe Lightroom preset is designed to lift the shadows in soft skin tones to give a warming feel to the image and for a limited time, you can download it for free! 🙂 I’ve been toying with this one for a few weeks now and finally got it looking good on a broad range of photographic styles and lighting conditions. The preset gives an even slightly desaturated look while retaining the punch of contrast. It’s perfect on natural light portraiture shots but works well on almost anything. Download it for free from our shop for a limited time: Jamie’s […]

Nikon D5200 HDMI Problems

The Nikon D5200 is a great camera for the price, but it has a few small problems for film makers using this DSLR. I’ve been using the D5200 for a while now and have just started exploring it’s HDMI output option. The lure of uncompressed 4:2:2 video using an external HDMI recorder is a pretty tempting feature of this camera, but it doesn’t come without it’s caveats. These caveats are not very well documented, especially in the manual, and I tend to get the impression that’s no accident. Nikon have deliberately muddied the water around the HDMI output features to […]

Best Upgrade for Macbook Pro

Upgrading your aging laptop to a Solid State Drive (SSD) is hands down one of the best upgrade choices you can make right now. The cost of SSD drives has just come down and if your hard drive controllers support 6Gb/s transfer speeds then you can take advantage of the lightning quick solid state drive technology. In this post I’ll be specifically talking about upgrading the 13″ Macbook Pro’s from Early 2011, however the procedure is nearly identical for most unibody Macbooks. The are a few things you’ll need first. An SSD Drive. I went for the Samsung 830 series as […]

Multiple Domain Names and SEO

Search engines like Google don’t like duplicate content, and having multiple domain names pointing to the one website is doing exactly that. In real terms this means it’s a bad thing if you have two domain names pointing directly to the same page. The way around this is to chose a domain name to be your primary domain and redirect all other domains names to it. This is done by adding a simple .htaccess file to the root directory of your website. Inside this .htaccess file you should paste the following: RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^(www\.?)$ RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [R=301,L] […]

Changing the domain name of your WordPress website using 301 redirects

First off, I’ve been battling with this for hours and hours and the solution in the end was so simple I was kicking myself. I suddenly thought I’m not the only one who is banging their head on the desk over this one so thought I’d explain my mistakes and hopefully save some of you a heap of time. Here’s my problem: I have a WordPress website at and I needed to move it to without impairing my seo rankings. It’s worth pointing out that the site is the same, it’s just the domain name that is changing here. Sound […]

Cheap and Fast VPS

So today I decided to switch off the old P4 that’s been sitting in the lounge serving my websites all these years and go for something a little more, well.. proper. I forked out some coin and decided to go with a company called HostVirtual ( on a friends recommendation. They offer cheap Virtual Private Servers at a pay monthly rate that was surprisingly bank account friendly. A VPS is a server (or shared server) that sits in a rack somewhere in the world and does whatever you want it to. It really is that simple. You can run Windows […]

Marketing Music

I’ve been following what Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails has to say on subjects very close to my heart. He has found ways to circumvent the traditional avenues to market in the music industry. But more interestingly, this same business model can be applied to almost anything. Here’s what he has to say: “I posted a message on Twitter yesterday stating I thought The Beastie Boys and TopSpin Media “got it right” regarding how to sell music in this day and age. Here’s a link to their store: [] Shortly thereafter, I got some responses from people stating the […]

Sonisphere Review

Knebworth park in Hertfordshire has played host to a multitude of music events in the past but this time it comes alive again for something special. From the 30th July to 1st August the 3 day rock and metal music festival Sonisphere boasts an impressive line-up of big names…